Monday, November 30, 2009


Things have been busy here, but nothing too blog worthy. Our Thanksigiving was pretty quiet. We spent the afternoon with a good friend and the evening with my aunt, cousins and their families. The kids spent the morning doing Thanksgiving word searches and other Thanksgivingish activities.

Thanksgiving activities

[I tried to white out our last name on Andrew's hand turkey.]

Andrew brought home a rather interesting art project from school.

And who do you think he chose for his wife?
That's my boy. I wonder what Ashton would say about that.


Tricia said...

Remember that the every day is where the memories are made.

I enjoy the quiet holidays spent at home. They are a gift from God for me. Enjoy your upcoming week. :)

Sunshine Mama said...

That art project is hilarious!! I can just see you getting that home and looking at it and shaking your head like,"Hmm...."yes, interesting is a good word. What a funny idea.

Those art projects looked like fun. There's nothing wrong with laid back and quiet. It was a bit "noisy" over here with all the hubbub over my dad and guests coming into town. Can't believe Christmas is 3 weeks away. Still got to get the tree up.

Have a nice evening!