Friday, March 26, 2010

King Snake

This morning was kind of crazy at our house. Instead of getting ready for school, the boys were wrestling. After a friendly reminder to stay on task, they failed to do so. This resulted in more wrestling and Andrew believing that his arm was broken. He cried some. He refused to move his arm. He believed that he needed to go to the doctor. After no less than three conversations reminding him that it was a big deal for mommy to miss work, a big deal for him to miss school and I was quite certain there would be x-rays involved, Andrew was unwavering in his belief that he needed to go to the doctor. So, we dropped off Adam and Abby at school, and went to directly to the pediatrician's office. We were told that they could do x-rays on site, but that the first available appointment was 10:00 a.m. It was currently 8:30. Andrew then believed it was in his best interest to proceed to the emergency room. After weighing my options and observing that he was in no visible pain (although continuing to not use his arm), I decided to take him home and wait for the 10:00 appointment. During the approximate 15 minute drive home, he was miraculously healed. He asked for breakfast which he had refused to eat earlier and asked if it was okay if he went to school. {sigh}

On the way to school, we had this conversation.

Andrew: Mommy, we’re reading this book at school called Whose Garden Is it? The worms and snakes and things fight about who owns the garden.

Me: That’s interesting. In the end, whose garden is it?

Andrew: It’s everyone’s garden. In the book the snake wears a crown and a scarf. I know it’s “imagination” because snakes wear crowns, but they don’t wear scarves.

Me: Really? I’ve never seen a snake wear a crown.

Andrew: What about the King snake?


Monday, March 22, 2010


Soccer season has started and Andrew is playing this year. He's the first of the three to show an interest in soccer. His first game was on Saturday. It was so much fun!! This kid is intense and serious about his sports.

Warming up before the game ~ kids in this age group (5/6) are so funny. I'm not sure why that kid is sticking his head between his legs.

Warming Up

I'm also not sure what these two boys are doing (other than not paying attention).

What's Up Boys?

Here he's taking the ball down the field and is really close to the line. You can tell he's really concentrating.


In this series, he was trying to get the ball from the gold team. The little boy in the gold got tripped up. Andrew was careful not to step on him, but was focused on keeping control of the ball.


Andrew scored both goals for his team and they won 2-1. Here he is celebrating one of his goals. This shot doesn't do his celebration justice. After each goal he ran the length of the field, jumping and pumping his fist. It was quite comical.

Celebrating a Goal

A sweet shot of him in the huddle post-game.


Saturday was so beautiful here. We were out and about from 9 a.m. until almost 8:30. Yesterday we were EXHAUSTED.

I still need to catch up on the basketball season for both boys. Hopefully that will happen sooner rather than later.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Recap Part I

I want to go back and post about a couple of things that happened in the past few weeks, mostly for my own memories.

We've had a couple of bad snow days around here--meaning the snow wasn't really fit to play in and we were "stuck" inside for a bit. On one such day in early February the kids had no problem entertaining themselves. They got together a little game of good guys/bad guys.

Adam built a fort to protect the good guys.


The good guys line up for attack. Notice the ruler sticking out of the front of the Mustang as a weapon.


There's a last minute meeting before the attack.


Andrew receives some encouragement from his older brother.


The attack.


Abby "bombs" the bad guys with these cards.


I'm not sure how they got to be bad guys. How bad could a purple hippo be?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Green Hat Day

Last Friday Abby came home with a project to decorate a green hat to be worn to school on Wednesday, March 17th. To say that she was less than thrilled about the idea is an understatement. Abby doesn't want to do, let alone wear, anything out of the ordinary. We did, however, make a trip to the dollar store, purchased a hat and some ribbon and decorated it.

Green Hat Day

Fast forward to this morning. I say to Abby, "Good Morning! Happy St. Patrick's Day!" to which she replies, "Is that why today is Green Hat Day?" Yes, Abby, that's why today is Green Hat Day.

Green Hat Day

Green Hat Day

Friday, March 12, 2010


mixed up


It's the way I've been feeling the past few weeks. Nothing has been "out of the ordinary," but things have seemed more difficult. Staying organized has seemed nearly impossible. I'm ready to feel less discombobulated.

I'm ready to feel less like this:


And more like this: