Wednesday, May 5, 2010


There was no school yesterday. After an appointment in the morning, we had the rest of the day to play. We decided to go see How to Train Your Dragon -- in 3D. Let me say it never occurred to me that it would be more expensive than your normal "way too expensive" movie. We were going to the same theatre after all; we were just going to receive a pair of glasses to see the movie in 3D. When the lady at the ticket counter told me how much, I almost fell over. Adam said, "How much?" I muttered a number slightly less than $50 -- just slightly. I laughed and said, "What a bargain." To which the ticket lady replied, "Awww, thanks for saying that. Almost everyone is complaining about the price." Too funny!

Adam 3D
Andrew 3D
Abby 3D

3D Glasses II

I have to admit it was money well spent. The movie is so cute and it was so fun for me to sit and watch the kids reactions to it. There were several times where I saw them reach out to touch what they thought was right in front of them.

Another good day...


Anonymous said...

They look "good" in their new eye wear! Sounds like you all enjoyed the day.

Love, Grandma

Kristi said...

Oh good, someone else to wear glasses when we see you guys next! I've been wanting to see that movie, but perhaps it is a bit cost prohibitive right now...

Sunshine Mama said...

That's funny what the movie lady said. She thought you were serious. I remember going to a 3D movie as a kid and loving it. Your kids will have good memories too.