Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kids Are Back - Part II

After spending Saturday at the pool, the kids wanted to stay home on Sunday. We went to church and then the rest of the day was spent playing outside. My parents arrived from Ohio in the afternoon and brought my nephew with them. The kids knew Grandma and Grandpa were coming, but Colt was a surprise. They were thrilled to see him! After dinner they spent time jumping rope (Grandma and Grandpa love to twirl), playing basketball and eating homemade ice cream. The picture of Colt jumping rope cracks me up. He didn't last long~said he was too tall.

Abby+Colt JumpingAndrew Jumping


Andrew Ice CreamAbby Ice CreamAdam Ice Cream

I love this picture of Adam. He's starting to look so grown up.


Andrew has a serious conversation with Grandma and Grandpa about taking their bikes to Ohio. My parents bought a bike rack to take the kids' bikes with them. They want to ride some trails. That sounds like a lot of fun!


Adam disappears behind the pole.

Colt + Mulch

Last night Colt was having a little bit of fun with the mulch. He told me that if this photo appeared anywhere, I would be in trouble. Shhh, don't tell him!


Sunshine Mama said...

Cute pictures, especially the last one!

Tricia said...

Too fun! But I was left wondering, who is going to Ohio when the grandparents leave?

Kristi said...

Hehehe, love that mulch moustache! How long are the Triple A's going to Ohio?
And I love that first it was car seats and now it's a bike rack...

Anonymous said...


Aunt Saundra said...

What beautiful children. Know it is hard for you when they are gone. Just try to use the time to take good care of yourself so you will be refreshed when they come home.
Love you,