Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Love is in the House

This is Andrew singing Love is in the House by Toby Mac. My kids want to listen to this CD over and over and over again, and it's just fine with me. He has great messages on the CD we have...for both the kids and adults. Listening to this CD has started some good conversations with the kids. Things like what it means to "gain the whole world and lose your soul." I love that they are thinking about these things at such a young age and that they understand that this is not just fun music, but as Andrew calls it "Church Music."

Love is in the House

Be Blessed.


Tricia said...

Cute pic. And doesn't it feel good, to know that you are doing something right, when the kids turn their hearts to God? I know for me, it came with a peace knowing how much heartache they would be spared. God bless.

Kristi said...

I love that Andrew wears swim goggles while singing ~ it adds to his coolness. And I know what you mean about the music. Mine aren't old enough to springboard into such discussions yet, but the other night I was holding Caleb and when I gave him a squeeze he hugged me back with all his might, looked me in the eyes, and started singing, "You never let go!" My heart smiled to see that he was starting to realize what the words mean even at 2 1/2!

Sunshine Mama said...

I agree. I noticed the swim goggles too like he came in from a swim to do a quick little song.

I noticed too that my kids start singing whatever song I put into the cd...christian or not.

FigNewTon said...

I Love that song!

Butterfly said...

I love the pic! I also really like that song!