Thursday, December 31, 2009


Andrew has been boxing on the Wii. He boxes so enthusiastically that at times he has to take a break to get a drink or wait for the pain in his side to go away. It's hysterical.

I took a video of him boxing, but it's going in the wrong direction when I upload it. I'm sure there's a way to rotate it, but I have't been able to find it.



Kristi said...

Whew, I know I don't want to come across him in a dark alley if he is mad! Man is he fast...

Sunshine Mama said...

That is WIlD!! Man, no wonder he needs a drink of water. I can't believe how fast he's boxing.

I especially like the closing comment, "get him in the pp."

Cindy M said...

Okay, I knew I loved you...I did the same thing with a Thanksgiving video! And I really have to get on that with Caroline. She LOVES the boxing (we got a Wii, too), and it makes us howl with laughter!

p.s. Your boy is hilarious!