Monday, February 23, 2009

Advice From Andrew

Andrew: Mommy, you should never say this, "Don't you wish your girlfriend was a freak like me? Don't ever say that because it's not nice. Okay?"

Me: Okay. [laughing hysterically]. Then, where did you hear that?

Andrew: At school, on the radio.

I did bring this to the attention of the director~suggested that it wasn't appropriate for this setting and maybe CDs would be a better idea. I wonder what tipped him off that it's not nice?


He also asked me for something last week and the answer was no. Then he says, "Pretty please with a cherry on top? Do you like cherries?" I told him that I don't like cherries. "Darn it. What do you like? What about chocolate on top?"


Kristi said...

I snorted Diet Coke out my nose! Man I love that kid and his "tell you like it is" personality! Give him a big hug and let him know that chocolate on top would get what he wants if he asked me!

Anonymous said...

Got to love his attempts! Hard to say "no" to that expressive face.
Aunt Saundra