Sunday, February 1, 2009

Heard Around the Trough

Almost all of the following was heard during the first half of the Super Bowl tonight.

During the coin toss of the S.B. ~ "Are they saying, 'I'll call you.'?"

Look at those muscles!

He sucked him up like a pineapple.

How'd he get that fat guy down?

followed by

Don't EVER say that to a woman, it would be COMPLETELY rude. (this was not uttered by either of the women of the house)

He went to the ground and didn't touch anyone.

followed by

He was probably trying to impress his wife.

Isn't he a little too old to be doing rock? Or is that jazz?

Is chocolate good for you when it comes out of your bottom?

What?? I'm a grown man.

That was red ~ it's called spit ~ it came out of my mouth.

What is that? From here it looks like a man ripping his shirt open? (Unfortunately, it was not.)

Can you guess who said what?


Anonymous said...

Wow things work when you do it right. Just got to know the right way.

Last week I wanted to tell you how much I liked that first flower picture.

Now I can continue. Ha.

Anonymous said...

there is the picture to go with the phrase " so close you can see his nose hairs!" LOL

ps let's always hope it's a HE !

Kristi said...

I'm guessing that the chocolate comment was A3?