Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Adam

Adam is 9 today and I just had to put a candle in his bagel. I love the look on his face. He's looking at Abby while we're singing Happy Birthday to him. But seriously, what is with me and candles. Or maybe my camera just loves candles--apparently it's all it can focus on.


I also thought I was pretty crafty last night when I made a birthday sign for Adam. I used glitter glue and everything. This morning Adam said it reminded him of Goosebumps. Here's to hoping it comes off the door.


Me and the Birthday Boy this morning before school (photo by Abby).


Abby also took this photo, laughed and said, "oops, I missed." But check out that bird thing in the lower lefthand corner and the sunrise was gorgeous this morning.


Andrew and I walked Adam and Abby into school this morning. He didn't think he could carry all of his stuff by himself--bookbag, birthday/Valentine's Day cookies, juice and paper plates so we gave him a hand. Check out the bean plant he's growing in class.


Happy Birthday Adam! WE LOVE YOU!!!



Kristi said...

Happy Birthday little Adam!

Love the candle in the bagel (and the expression on his face).

By the way, you caught the depth of blue in his eyes in that last shot. You're gonna have a heartbreaker on your hands...

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe that he is 9 already. We love you and miss you.Grandma

Anonymous said...

9 already?! I am going to make a copy of the last picture of him. His beautiful eyes and the sweet smile. Happy birthday, Adam.
Aunt Saundra