Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Pretzel King Has Big Guns

The kids came home from their summer travels Sunday evening. A special meal was requested...Tyson chicken strips, macaroni & cheese and green beans. It was further requested that this meal be followed by a movie and popcorn. That I could handle. It was nice to have everyone at home and around the dinner table (such that it was). It was even nicer to snuggle into the love seat with all 3 kids to eat popcorn and watch a movie. Monday was spent shopping for school supplies and lunch with a good friend and her son. Tuesday we puttered around the house in the morning and went to see G-Force in the afternoon. It's been incredibly hot here so it was a relief to sit in a dark theatre and wear sweaters and jackets. Does anyone else wonder why they have to keep it just a few degrees above freezing in those places? My goodness. It doesn't seem very cost effective, does it?

Today we headed to the pool to keep cool. Adam declared himself the Pretzel King. The Pretzel King with Big Guns.

Pretzel King
Pretzel King Has Big Guns
Big Guns

Yet another use for the noodle.


Anonymous said...

Looks like they are having fun. Wish I could be in the pool with you all, it's HOT here!

Miss you,
Love, Grandma

Tricia said...

Too fun! Thank you for stopping by to encourage me today!

Kristi said...

I love his smile in that last one. It is "so Adam!" Miss you and your sweet kids!

Sunshine Mama said...

ooohhh...he does have big guns! Sounds like you all had a fun night together. I'm still dragging my feet on school stuff...but we're slowly moving in that direction.