Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Dilemma

These garden spiders are prevalent in our neck of the woods this year.

Garden Spider

We've had a couple of them reside in the exact same spot for most of the summer. The kids and I have enjoyed watching them work on their webs, catch their prey, wrap their pray and well, you know, eat. Now we have several of these hanging out.


What, you want a closer look?


I've Googled the spider. Apparently, she'll die this fall and her babies will appear next spring. Do we leave the sac and wait for the babies or tear them down (after she dies, of course)? It is fascinating. Don't you agree?


Tricia said...

Those spiders are harmless, but fun to watch. They are the kind of spider that Charlotte's Web was written about. Unless it is in a prominent spot, I say leave the sac. They won't all stick around your place anyway. :)

Aunt Saundra said...

How many eggs are usually in those nests? They are very impressive!
Aunt Saundra

Sunshine Mama said...

Ok, I was gritting my teeth while looking at these pict. You funny.
Actually the first one is pretty with the yellow and black colors. You know you're a good photographer when you can make spiders look pretty, Tricia. Nice accomplishment.
And I don't think you'd want to know what I'd do with the spider eggs...or have my son do.:)

Catherine said...

Great shots! I'm glad yours had a nest too. Mine just made a nest and I didn't know if the spiders would stay or flee. I think I'll post pics of the nest soon. They are so fascinating to watch and learn from. Thanks for visiting my blog!