Wednesday, September 30, 2009


A friend has let me borrow one of his lenses to play around with...the problem with that is it has been getting dark quickly at night, and I can't seem to get dinner cooked and everyone outside to play before 7. Fall is in the air around here. It's cooler, the humidity has disappeared and the light has been fading way too fast in the evenings. We did head outside last night for some street soccer. Because of the light and my struggle to learn this new lens, these images are a bit (ok, maybe more than a bit) blurry. I was having a hard time staying far enough away from the kids (it's a 300mm lens). Anyway, I still thought these were fun enough to share.

On the Attack II
On the Attack
Where did everyone go?
Where did everyone go?
Down the street to play with a neighbor.
When did her legs get so long?
Please tell me when her legs became so long...


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family!

Anonymous said...

Sure looks like they were having fun! Abby really is getting tall. Hope to see you soon!

Love, Grandma

Kristi said...

Love the pictures of your boys doing what they do best ~ spending energy...
And I find myself wondering about the long leg thing all the time!

Sunshine Mama said...

I love the look on his face in the first picture.

If these are test picts, I can't wait to see when you get the hang of it. They'll be awesome of course.

Aunt Saundra said...

What fun pictures. Who cares is they are a little blurry.
Love you guys,