Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fun with Water

Do you think it looks as though she's up to something?


Do you think this was the end of her mischief?


It was, in fact, just the beginning...

Traci Water Gun

Ian was dubbed the Underwear King by the Pretzel King.

The Underwear King

Andrew had some fun of his own.



I believe there may have been a minute or two when Abby and Kylie were not joined together as one, but most of the time they looked something like this.

Abby & Kylie

Adam spent a relatively quiet day at the pool. He thought the water was a litle cool. Oh, that kid's eyes...

Adam Water Gun

Hope your Labor Day was without labor...


Anonymous said...

Looks like a good day at the pool! Glad everyone had one more swim this summer.

Love, Grandma

Sunshine Mama said...

Those pictures of that gal made me laugh out loud. And the one with her aiming it at you frozen in action was great. What a fun time. It was funny how the two younger girls were stuck to each other.
Our Labor Day was without too much labor, thank you very much.

Kristi said...

Still not quite sure who won that water fight, Traci or Ian, but it sure was fun to watch!
So glad to have seen you and your kiddos!
Much love from the wife of the "Underwear King!"

Anonymous said...

Awesome! LOL Wow I looked like I was on quite a mission!

Aunt Saundra said...

What a fun day! I declare the water battle a tie. Having family around me for several days was heavenly. Couldn't have been a better Labor Day!
Aunt Saundra