Thursday, March 18, 2010

Recap Part I

I want to go back and post about a couple of things that happened in the past few weeks, mostly for my own memories.

We've had a couple of bad snow days around here--meaning the snow wasn't really fit to play in and we were "stuck" inside for a bit. On one such day in early February the kids had no problem entertaining themselves. They got together a little game of good guys/bad guys.

Adam built a fort to protect the good guys.


The good guys line up for attack. Notice the ruler sticking out of the front of the Mustang as a weapon.


There's a last minute meeting before the attack.


Andrew receives some encouragement from his older brother.


The attack.


Abby "bombs" the bad guys with these cards.


I'm not sure how they got to be bad guys. How bad could a purple hippo be?


Anonymous said...

Looks like they have their imaginations in gear, that's good.

Let's hope the "snow days" are just a memory for this year!

Love, Grandma

Sunshine Mama said...

That is so cute that they all got together to put together an attack.

Very nice photographs to remember this by.