Friday, March 26, 2010

King Snake

This morning was kind of crazy at our house. Instead of getting ready for school, the boys were wrestling. After a friendly reminder to stay on task, they failed to do so. This resulted in more wrestling and Andrew believing that his arm was broken. He cried some. He refused to move his arm. He believed that he needed to go to the doctor. After no less than three conversations reminding him that it was a big deal for mommy to miss work, a big deal for him to miss school and I was quite certain there would be x-rays involved, Andrew was unwavering in his belief that he needed to go to the doctor. So, we dropped off Adam and Abby at school, and went to directly to the pediatrician's office. We were told that they could do x-rays on site, but that the first available appointment was 10:00 a.m. It was currently 8:30. Andrew then believed it was in his best interest to proceed to the emergency room. After weighing my options and observing that he was in no visible pain (although continuing to not use his arm), I decided to take him home and wait for the 10:00 appointment. During the approximate 15 minute drive home, he was miraculously healed. He asked for breakfast which he had refused to eat earlier and asked if it was okay if he went to school. {sigh}

On the way to school, we had this conversation.

Andrew: Mommy, we’re reading this book at school called Whose Garden Is it? The worms and snakes and things fight about who owns the garden.

Me: That’s interesting. In the end, whose garden is it?

Andrew: It’s everyone’s garden. In the book the snake wears a crown and a scarf. I know it’s “imagination” because snakes wear crowns, but they don’t wear scarves.

Me: Really? I’ve never seen a snake wear a crown.

Andrew: What about the King snake?



Kristi said...

King snake. He's a clever one! Glad the arm wasn't broken and that you avoided the emergency room co-pay.

Cindy M said...

Okay, at least he was miraculously healed before the emergency room. Oy. What a morning! He sounds like a character, though.

The MomTeacher said...

It's so nice to know a mom who listens to her kids! His arm may not have been broken, but at least he knows he has a mom that will tend to his needs!

What about queen bees? Do they wear cowns too?

Sunshine Mama said...

What about a cold snake, mom? ha, Ha.
That is cute. I'm glad to hear that his arm was magically healed too.