Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Green Hat Day

Last Friday Abby came home with a project to decorate a green hat to be worn to school on Wednesday, March 17th. To say that she was less than thrilled about the idea is an understatement. Abby doesn't want to do, let alone wear, anything out of the ordinary. We did, however, make a trip to the dollar store, purchased a hat and some ribbon and decorated it.

Green Hat Day

Fast forward to this morning. I say to Abby, "Good Morning! Happy St. Patrick's Day!" to which she replies, "Is that why today is Green Hat Day?" Yes, Abby, that's why today is Green Hat Day.

Green Hat Day

Green Hat Day


Anonymous said...

She looks adorable! I love the hat.

Goes good with the gray sweater. :)

Kristi said...

Abby should go for a hat more often. And funny that she didn't know it was St. Patrick's Day. Because this morning I laid Kylie's clothes out and then went to get a second cup of coffee and she comes out and says, "Hey Mommy, I have to wear green today because it is St. Patrick's Day." Good thing she goes to preschool and picked this up or we all would have been pinched on the playground.

Sunshine Mama said...

She looks so cute in that hat. I love that hat. At least she wore it!