Monday, November 3, 2008

Trick-or-Treating & Trunk-or-Treat

As I look over my images of trick-or-treating from Friday night and Trunk-or-Treat from Saturday night, I feel like there isn't much that is post worthy. This may have something to do with the fact that I just spent several minutes looking at a photo blog of other mom's images~it left me feeling quite inadequate with a camera.

Friday night was fun! Aunt Saundra, Miss Kathy, Traci & Adam and my mom and dad all joined us for Halloween night. We had dinner together and then headed out to gather candy. While waiting for the adults to get ready, Abby & Andrew sat by the door waiting for the doorbell to ring so they could hand out candy themselves.

A few snapshots while waiting for all to gather...

Two costumes merged into one. I still can't remember the name of this Star War's character. Some sort of trooper, but not a clone...I've asked several times...I give up on trying to remember. Why he grabbed Andrew's Spiderman mask, I'm not sure.

Abby the Princess


Andrew with the much loved Lightening McQueen candy bucket.

Miss Kathy

Andrew got tired and Traci was nice enough to give him a ride.

Andrew wore Miss Kathy's hat and let the sides flip up as if they were his ears. He would then say, "I'm dumb-dumb." No matter how many times we corrected him and told him it's, "Dumbo," he still went with dumb-dumb.

This is Abby at Trunk or Treat at Bethel Church. I think she's so beautiful.

Traci & Adam dressed as vactioners.

Me and my gang.

Grandma and Grandpa. We're so glad they came down.

I know this is long, but thought Kristi might enjoying seeing some of the pictures from the night. We sure missed her, Ian, Kylie and Caleb. Next year...


Jordan Carl said...

looks like you all had a wonderful time. The kids look good in their costumes!

Kristi said...

Heck yeah I enjoyed the pictures! On our Halloween evening I was wrestling an octopus who had never flown on a plane before and Ian was six rows away with a wailing Kylie who was scared of the noise...
I'm sure you guys had a more enjoyable evening! We missed being with you guys, but count us in for next year!
Love you guys!