Friday, October 31, 2008


This morning as we were ready to head out the door for school, I thought my kids all looked pretty cute in their Halloween shirts and thought it to be a good idea to grab the camera and snap a quick shot.

Have you ever tried to take the picture of 3 children, together, and get everyone to look at the camera, smile (not the cheesy smile), keep their eyes open and at a minimum ACT like they care for one another?

Oops, let's try again.

Um, Adam, don't squeeze so tightly and Andrew, please stop talking.

Andrew, look over here and keep your hands to yourself!

Adam, Abby wants to be in the center.
Seriously? This should not be so difficult.

This is what I settled with.
Actually, it was the first photo I took.
Can't wait for tonight and all the photo opportunities it's sure to bring.


Jordan Carl said...

Looks like quite a task you had! I wish you all a happy halloween and hope you have a great time tonight trick or treating!

Lonely Paul said...
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Kristi said...

Love the series, I laughed and almost woke up my already sleeping family...
Can't believe that we're not going Trick-or-Treating with you this year. Save some candy for us!
Love you!