Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day at the Park

Today we went to the park with some friends. Adam and Abby had been to this park before but Andrew and I had not. This was no ordinary park. Along with the usual playground, it had a carousel, miniature golf, a train, gem mining and a couple of other things that we didn't get to see because of the rain. Our plan for the day was to meet at the park for a picnic lunch and then let the kids play. Just as lunch was finishing the rain began to fall. And boy did it rain. A few of us were soaked by the time we made it back to the cars, but we waited it out. I'm glad we did, because the rest of the afternoon was really fun.

I think by far the gem mining was the most popular event of the day.




Trying to figure out what types of gems we had found.


After we were finished mining our buckets, we discovered that you could purchase buckets to mine for shark teeth. I think that Adam could have done this for hours.


Andrew and Abby had some fun on the monkey bars.




I'll leave you with my self portrait from today...



Sunshine Mama said...

What great pictures from what sounds like an awesome park. Wish we had a park like that here. We actually live in the upper midwest. I heard it's suppose to freeze tonight (here). But it's been sunny and beautiful anyway. I'll take is as long as I know it's getting warmer.
I'm glad to hear your photos went well.

Sunshine Mama said...

oh, I forgot, nice self portrait by the way.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a good day with a lot of fun. Adam was sure intent on the shark teeth! Did he find any?

Love, Grandma

Kristi said...

I am a fan of that park too! I've taken students on field trips there several times. We should meet you guys there one weekend, Kylie and Caleb would LOVE the sluicing and the train!
You got some great pictures of complete concentration and intensity of your kids ~ Andrew searching for gems, Adam watching for shark's teeth, and Abby making it across the monkey bars. Love them all!

Saundra said...

That is a great park. I didn't get to look for shark's teeth when I was there - need to go back!