Saturday, May 23, 2009

Great Light Friday Night

It seems as though we were really busy this past week, but I don't really know what we did. I do know that we all just wanted to be at home Friday night and enjoy some time outside. The boys, as usual, were playing basketball and Abby was playing with bubbles and drawing with sidewalk chalk. The weather was wonderful and the light was great.

I decided to attempt silhouettes for the first time. They're not perfect, but I was pretty pleased with the results.





And I just liked these of Abby.





Sunshine Mama said...

All of these photos are beautiful, but the bubble one is amazing. How did you do that?

Anonymous said...

I like the bubble one also. But they are all good. Where was Andrew?


Jordan Carl said...

I like the pictures, very nice. Hopefully we can hook up some time in the near to distant future and take some sweet pictures somewhere awesome! Lol, hopefully I will quit bailing on you too.

Kristi said...

Yeah, that bubble shot is pretty cool! I really like the one of Abby concentrating on her drawing ~ it's so natural and captures a real moment!

Aunt Saundra said...

Great pictures! The first sillouette of Adam is good. I love the one of Abby drawing - her concentration is definitely single minded.
They are so precious.
Love, Aunt Saundra