Monday, May 4, 2009

Week in Review

I didn't have my camera out much last week which results in not much blogging for me.

Early last week I took Adam and Abby to have their hair cut. Andrew wanted to know if he was going to get his hair cut too. As you can imagine, after cutting his own hair and looking like this immediately after, I opted out of the hair cut for him at this time. His hair is starting to grow and he's now looking like this. You can almost see some hair in the front.


Andrew also loves his basketball t-shirt, and he's thrilled that there are several floating around the house. He wore one to school on Monday. On Tuesday, he comes out dressed and wearing what appears to be the same t-shirt. When I questioned him about wearing the same shirt he wore on Monday, he replied with, "Yesterday I had a 1 on my back, today I have 10." I'm quite certain that everyone noticed the subtle difference a Zero can make.

One morning last week when we arrived at daycare I noticed that Andrew had a chocolate milk smile. He tried to rub it off himself and it just wasn't coming off. I started to help him by giving him a dreaded spit bath. He shook his head no and said, "Here use mine" while sticking out his tongue. So I did.

Abby was invited to a birthday party Friday afternoon at a local indoor waterpark. I took some time of work, and we all went. We had never been there before, and we really had a good time.

Splash Planet

Neither Abby nor Adam had any interest in the big slide. Andrew said he'd go down it with me (big surprise), but you have to be 48" tall and he's not quite there yet.

Abby Vortex

Abby in the Vortex. This was really fun...until Andrew climbed in on his own without a life jacket. He was fine until he came to the break in the wall and realized the water was moving too fast for him, that he couldn't stand up and that he couldn't reach the other side of the wall. Thankfully an older boy rescued him.




I like how the boys look so much alike in this picture--the way they are standing--their hair...they are becoming more and more like two peas in a pod.


Please Mom, can you give a girl a hand?

On Saturday, we attempted to participate in the community yard sale. I'm not quite sure what happened, but there was basically no turn out. We were quite disappointed after the turn out last year (when we didn't participate). To entertain themselves the kids decided to get out some bubbles.


I've always thought of bubbles as calm, sweet, innocent fun. After Saturday, I have a different view. Unfortunately, I didn't capture any pictures of my boys shooting bubbles with their Nerf guns.

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Kristi said...

Ha ha ha, I can just see Andrew offering his spit for a spit bath! He's such a riot!
Kylie was invited to a party at the splash planet too and we really enjoyed it. If we still lived there we would have a party there sometime!
And I sure would like to have seen the Nerf guns meet the bubbles. Somehow with Caleb I think I see that in my future too...