Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cupcakes = Craft


It seems as though it's been work, work, work around here. We've been getting home from school/work and it's been dinner, finishing up homework, reading, baths and off to bed. Last night I decided to break the monotony, and we baked cupcakes. We had three different icings and sprinkles. Each of the kids had their own cupcake to icing and decorate.

Andrew went straight for the chocolate icing and eating.
Andrew + Cupcake

Abby also chose the chocolate icing and decided to use a little creativity with the sprinkles.
Abby's Cupcake

Adam chose the vanilla frosting. I thought for sure someone would chose Strawberry Mist, but it wasn't to be. They all wrinkled their noses when I told them what the pink icing was. Adam was all about the sprinkles. At one point he was licking them off the table.
Adam + Cupcakes
Adam's Cupcake

All too quickly it became less about the cupcake and more about the craft of decorating. Between breaking the monotony and the sugar, bedtime was a little more difficult to achieve than normal. Good times!


Tricia said...

Too fun!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like they had fun. They will remember times likes those for a long time. They are happy with little things and just being together! Where was your cupcake?

Love, Grandma

Sunshine Mama said...

Those are good times. You're a good mom. They'll have such good memories from you. And, really, it does seem like winter is the time for baking more. This probably would be less likely to happen in the summer...see I'm trying to see the positives in this colder climate...wait, don't you live in the south? LOL

Jordan Carl said...

That sounds good, I'm glad you got out of your "monotony". Cupcakes are always a great way to do that:)

Kristi said...

Funny, we frosted and sprinkled our own cupcakes last night too.
Oh, and Kylie (and I for that matter) TOTALLY would have chosen strawberry mist...