Monday, October 19, 2009

One Dollar Fifty Cents

Last night was Crazy Hat Night at Awana. Abby and Adam did not want to participate. I had purchased a hat at Good Will for 99 cents and in an effort to get Abby to participate at Awana, I put it on her head and tried to take a picture of her. She was not going for it. So, I bribed her. These shots cost me $1.50. I think it was money well spent.

Abigail + Light Saber
Pony Tail

She still didn't wear it to Awana.

After looking at the hats at Good Will, Andrew decided to create his own crazy hat.

Andrew's Crazy Hat Creation
Are you done yet?

He had also drawn a picture during the afternoon. I noticed that he was carrying it into church with him. When I asked him what it was for, he said he was going to give it to the person who announced that he won the Crazy Hat Contest (if he did win). Like an acceptance speech..sort of. It wasn't a contest, but something done just for fun. No acceptance speeches or gifts were needed.


Kristi said...

Abby should wear hats more often ~ she looks precious!
And Andrew preparing the picture for his acceptance speech? So Andrew! Man I love and miss that kid!

Anonymous said...

You can't say Andrew doesn't go prepared!
Abby does look good!
See you soon!

Love, Grandma

Sunshine Mama said...

First off, that top hat is beautiful and I do think that it's worth $1.50

Also, your son's hat idea was very creative. I love how kids think up these things where they are going to give someone something if he wins. Cute.