Friday, October 23, 2009

Is Your Mama A Llama

Is your Mama a Llama?
Baby Llama
Why yes, yes she is!
Mama + Llama

Yesterday I had the privilege of being a chaperone on Andrew's field trip to The Lazy 5 Ranch. LOVE that place! This little llama was three days old. We also saw baby peacocks, a baby giraffe and a baby zebra.
Baby Giraffe


I am happy to report that this year, I was not sneezed on by one of these. That happened to me in a past year. And unfortunately for me, the thing had a mouthful of feed. Gross! I was a little fearful at times yesterday. The rule at the ranch is that if an animal has 4 legs, you feed it from your hand (or run the risk of having it snatch your bucket). If an animal has 2 legs, you feed it from the bucket (lest you be pecked by a sharp beak). If the animal is a zebra, you don't feed it at all. They bite. However, please feel free to pet the zebras. Huh? We did. Not a one of us were bitten. With the buffalo you can just drop--or dump--the feed into their mouths. Some of the kids had a difficult time telling the difference between a mouth and a nostril. I was sure a sneeze was inevitable. Thankfully, we were spared from the spraying of wet, slobbery feed.


I must confess that I have a fascintation with the backside of zebras. They are incredibly symmetrical.


I love this picture of Andrew and one of his classmates. They also went to daycare together. I like the way she is looking at her mom and Andrew is looking at me.

Pumpkin Patch

It was another beautiful fall day here. Lots of warm sunshine and Carolina blue skies.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun day too me. I like those places, zoos or any thing with a bunch of animals. I like the zebra shot!

Love, Grandma

Sunshine Mama said...

Is this where you picked up your pumpkins?! Wow. What an awesome place.

These pictures are great. I was looking at that zebra and thinking, that IS symmetrical...and proof that he has a great designer...God.

Kristi said...

I can't believe that I've never been to Lazy 5 Ranch! One of these days...
By the way, they had some cows at the state fair!
Hehe, Zebra butt!

Jordan Carl said...

My momma is not a lama, but thanks for asking! Nice shot of the zebra, but slightly weird fascination I must admit.

Anonymous said...


Cindy M said...

Okay, I so want to go to this place!!! I LOVE llamas! And I love that book, by the way, too. The photo of the zebra is awesome! Love it! And your little boy is so handsome!