Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Boy, His Teacher and a Chocolate Bar

There is a boy who so adores his teacher and knows how she adores chocolate. He picked out a special chocolate bar just for her. However, the chocolate bar somehow became melted, almost liquid...neither the boy nor his mother know how this came to be. The mother suggested to the boy that he give his teacher another chocolate bar. The mother could see by the look on the boy's face that this would not do. And then, with a twinkle in his eye, the boy put the melted chocolate bar in the freezer. In the morning, the boy discovered the chocolate bar to be good as new. With a huge smile on his face, the boy put the chocolate bar in his book bag and took it to school to be delivered to the teacher.

There is also a girl. The girl, she picked out peanut M&Ms for her teacher. Apparently the teacher mentioned that if a student were to bring the teacher said M&Ms, said student would receive marbles for the marble jar. The girl, she is two marbles closer to going to the treasure box.


Jordan Carl said...

When I first looked at the title I thought it said a chocolate bear! I kept waiting for the bar to turn into a bear or something haha. O my. Sounds like everyone is earning some brownie poits!

Kristi said...

So glad that the boy loves his teacher so. I can just see the twinkle in his eye when the freezer idea came to mind.
And I'll bet the girl gets to the treasure box soon.
Give hugs to the triple A's for me ~ I miss those kiddos!