Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Baby is Going to be Five

I'm having trouble believing that my youngest child is turning 5 next week. I've been looking at old pictures a lot this week and walking down memory lane. So much has happened in the last 5 years. We've come so far as a family of 4. It seems as though I personally have come from the depths of despair, to happiness, contentment and a place where I am able to enjoy life. Not that life is without struggle and frustration, but I have a peace in knowing that God is there to walk through it with me and that my family is there to support me.
Andrew has always been a source of joy. He is bigger than life. He is so dramatic and energetic. He brings smiles to all who encounter him. I can't imagine life without him. He's spent a few days with his father this week, and I've had a glimpse of life without him. It's not the same. It's quieter. It's calmer. I think Adam, Abby and I have all realized that it's just not as much fun. Praise God he's coming home tonight. I can't wait to see him.
Here's a few pictures of him from birthdays past.
1st Birthday
I'm sad to say he still eats like this.
He may not be quite as messy, but he still shovels it in with his hands.

2nd Birthday

3rd Birthday

4th Birthday
Can you say "Cheese!"

I love this picture. It's happiness and joy.

I can remember the saddness of realizing I no longer had a baby to rock at night. I remember the sadness in taking down his crib and of giving away the baby clothes.

And now, he's turning 5. Where does all the time go?


Jordan Carl said...

I have never really interacted much with Andrew, but maybe my next visit I will be able to come over and see you and your kids. I was thinking and it has honestly been quite a while since I have seen any of your children. I doubt they even know who I am!?! Well tell Andrew I wish him a happy birthday and give him some spankings for me!

Kristi said...

Those pictures capture Andrew so well! One thing that can't be denied about him is that he enjoys life to the fullest! We could all take lessons from him.
Oh, and it may make you feel better to know that Ian and I have said several times how much Caleb's emerging personality makes of think of Andrew...
Can't wait to see you!