Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's Getting Chilly

Fall is in the air and we went to pick out pumpkins this weekend. I'm always amazed at the process. Why does it take so long to pick out a pumpkin? What really makes one pumpkin so much better than the others? There's a flat side, there's a scratch, too much dirt, um, that one is rotten...and the search continues. Thankfully, it wasn't too chilly and we enjoyed being outside. Before the pumpkin picking began, I needed cash and we were out of Coke at home so I needed a Coke. We ended up at Steak and Shake for my coke and I hear all these little voices from the back yelling, "Can we have a shake Mommy? Please, can we?" OK, sure that sounds fine to me. Let me say, that I can't recall Andrew ever finishing an entire milkshake on his own. That's why I don't generally buy one for myself, I drink the leftovers. This day was, however, different. He drank the ENTIRE chocolate milkshake. After the pumpkin picking, we headed to Lowe's to buy fire ant killer. Andrew, literally, flew through the store. Danced, jumped, skipped and slid down aisles. It was funny, and I'm sure if he weren't my child it would have been hysterical~other people in the store certainly seemed to enjoy his antics.

Here are some other shots of recent days.

Andrew is spiderman again this year, different but still the same.


Kristi said...

So I kinda wonder about the pumpkins too ~ last year on a dreadfully hot day we spent at least 45 minutes searching, and Kylie was only 18 months old at the time! We've skipped pumpkins this year, but next year with two kiddos I'm sure our time will double!
Your blog is gonna be fun to follow because I love your ability to capture emotion with the camera! Your kids get more handsome and beautiful every day!

Jordan Carl said...

Pumpkins! They are very fun, but what makes the "right" one so right? It's not like you aren't going to destroy it with carvings anyhow...