Thursday, October 23, 2008

Boys and Girls

This morning I had to be at home for a while to meet with the washing machine repairman. This gave Andrew and I the opportunity to spend some time alone. This is the conversation we had:

Andrew: Mommy, I love Abigail (girl in his class). I want her to be my girlfriend. I need to breakup with Maggie so Abigail can be my girlfriend. We need to to work something out (he and Maggie).

Me: What if Maggie doesn't want to break up with you?

Andrew: Well, Abigail won't be able to be my girlfriend. Mommy, can I have two girlfriends?

Me: Sure, you can have two girlfriends. As long as both girls know about the other girl. (We have to teach them young, right?) It's fine to date two girls at once.

Andrew: Date?? We're not dating.

Me: Do you know what dating means?

Andrew: Well, it's when you get together and do something and then go to a hotel and spend the night.

Me: NO!!!! That is NOT what dating is. You can't spend the night with a girl until you are married.

Andrew: I thought you could take us there, and if the hotel had a pool, we could swim.

a few minutes pass...

Andrew: Mommy, you know Colin in my class?

Me: Yes.

Andrew: He's on the devil's team. He's not very nice.

Me: Maybe you should try to win him over so he can be on Jesus' team.

Andrew: I've been trying!

Abby (I mean Abigail) always pulls her hair back in a ponytail for school. One morning this week she forgot and even though we were already halfway down the street wanted to know if I could go back home so she could get a ponytail holder. I did not go home. That night she informs me that Jacob made a comment about her hair. She and Jacob are friends and she's had a "play date" at his house. The comment Jacob made..."I like your hair down." I'm sure he didn't mean anything by it, but I'm now keeping ponytail holders in the car.

Please...they're only 4 and 6.

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Jordan Carl said...

O the wonderful years of dating! How I miss them... But just to clarify, why can't you go swimming in a hotel pool if you are already going to be there on a date anyhow? I just don't understand this one Tricia ; )