Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Basketball Fun

We headed to Ohio to celebrate Christmas with my family. As a bonus, we were able to attend one of my niece's basketball games. Andrew was able to attend one of my nephew's games shortly (within an hour; maybe less) after our arrival. After being in the car for 10 hours, I opted to stay home thinking I could attend a game on Tuesday. Unfortunately, it was canceled due to ice. I don't let Andrew carry my camera on his own (for obvious reasons) so there are no pictures of Colt's game.

A1 loves any excuse to eat popcorn.
Jami took A3 with her to sit on the balcony while the 7th graders played. You know he was loving that!

Colt's a little camera shy at times. Not A3.

GOOOOO JAMI!!!!!!!!!

A2 was taking it all in.

Good game Jami. We enjoyed getting to watch you play.

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Anonymous said...

Wish Ohio was closer. Colt and Jami would have another fan at their games. Jami looks so pretty in her game picture - who says "jocks" can't be pretty?!
The expressions on triple A's faces are great. Know it was a good time in Ohio for all.
Aunt Saundra