Monday, December 1, 2008

Third Grade Field Trip

Last week I was fortunate enough to be a chaperone for the third grade field trip to a local Y camp. It was a CHILLY day learning about pioneer life. We played pioneer games, made rope, practiced our archery skills (A1 admitted this was much more difficult than it first appeared), made candles, butter, biscuits, cider and corn husk dolls. We were busy. I'm so thankful to be able to take a day away from work and spend it with one of my kids.

We made the rope with this yarn.
Another yarn shot ~ do you like this or the one above better? I couldn't decide.

We also pounded leaves.

Check out the arrow leaving the bow!


Jordan Carl said...

I miss the days of field trips, at least the fun hands on ones. What was the point in pounding the leaves?

Oh, and I did go to your mom's for Thanksgiving, that was what I was considering dinner with my mom. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. I miss you.

Mom of Triple As said...

The leaf pounding was for decorative purposes - the juices from the leaves stained the cloth. It was interesting.

Kristi said...

I always wanted to go to that camp for a field trip. I'm glad the leaves mystery was solved, I was sorta curious too!
And I think that I like the second of the yarn shots, the blues in it are nice.