Thursday, December 11, 2008

Do You Ever Feel Like This?

At first I thought the picture was just fun (1/6 sec.), but then I thought, hey, I've been feeling like that lately. We haven't added much to our schedule so I'm not entirely sure why. I think maybe it's just the excitement and energy that the Christmas season is adding to our lives. Maybe it's because we learned yesterday that an attorney at our former firm took his own life yesterday, or the fact that a co-worker was hit by the trolley this morning while crossing the street on her way to work. Thankfully, she's fine and at home resting now. But it does make you think.
We did attend A3's Christmas Program last week. All of the children in his class held a letter that spelled out "Merry Christmas." Yes, he attends a Christian-based daycare so we're able to celebrate the true Christmas. A3's letter was "M" and he recited, "I hold in my hand a great big M, it suits me to a T, it stands for mommy, money too, and yes, it stands for me." He did quite well and was very clear and audible for all. A proud mommy moment for me. They also sang This Little Light of Mine. That's a candle in his hand in case you were wondering.

Mommy, can we get some cookies now??

Playing around with the camera last night and I thought this was cute.

No pictures of A1. I think he was too busy not using soap in the shower and complaining that brushing his teeth is stupid and boring.


peter said...

Just passing through (the "next blog" function is pretty neat), but I wanted to commend you on your blog. Your children are beautiful and happy; that's an increasing rarity today. Thank God for mothers like you.

Anonymous said...

Tricia, you have so much to be proud of. You are a great, consistent Mom who is doing a wonderful job raising your beautiful children in a godly manner. I know it is exhausting but I can promise you that you will reap benefits through this life and the life to come.

I admire you so much. You are so busy and yet you always find time to call and check on me. This brings joy beyond measure.

I love you, Aunt Saundra

Kristi said...

Yes, the blurry lights also play a role in my home right now, but it is just my head spinning as I try to keep an eye on my littlest mess maker!
Still laughing about the soap thing...
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Tricia, my nephew is a senior in high school and still doesn't know the importance of soap (or bathing in general). In the summer, it is especially bad b/c he thinks he can get clean by jumping in the lake--have you ever seen Lake Hickory????? Regardless, you have beautiful kids and I am so jealous of your photography skills.

The blurry lights are a perfect example of how we get through the days. Some day things are clear..some days they are not...some days we choose for things to remain fuzzy..

Have a great Christmas.

Beth (aka Kristi's rommate from Elon)