Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fun with Plates

After church today we headed to Aunt Saundra's for a wonderful lunch. After dessert the boys put the plates to good use. Kristi, these are for you...wish you had been there.

I also was given a new lens (thanks Tory!!). I'm lovin' it!


Kristi said...

So I have a question for Andrew ~ Did it sound like a weedeater?
So glad that you guys had fun, wish we had been there to share in it...
Let's meet at the zoo (or have you guys come here to visit our museum with us) soon!
and I'm so far behind you on my photography skills, I'm jealous!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful, lively lunch. It helped to have Adam, Abagail and Andrew there. It seems much too quiet when it is just Adam, Traci, Kathy and me.
Love you all,
Aunt Saundra

Anonymous said...

What could be more fun than blowing on dessert plates after LICKING them clean?!
Aunt Saundra