Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lost Tooth

The last couple of days have been pretty quiet around here and it's been very nice. We only left the house this weekend for basketball games and church, including AWANA tonight. What a blessing to be content at home.

The Kitchen Salon opened this weekend and all the kids received haircuts.

A2 lost her 3rd tooth.

It's amazing how much her look has changed with the loss of a tooth. Hmmm, she's continuing to grow up.


Kristi said...

I really need a haircut ~ can I come to kitchen salon?
Oh, could you kindly ask A2 to refrain from growing up so quickly?

Anonymous said...

Kitchen salon pictures are so cute.
Abagail, I'm so happy that the tooth came out - it was so loose.
You surely are growing up fast.
Love, Aunt Saundra