Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Weekend Recap

When I look back at all the images from this weekend, I think, "No wonder I'm so tired." Saturday morning started with A2 and A3s basketball game~another victory for them. After their game we headed to A1's game, where he scored the winning point in the final seconds. He was fouled while shooting and went to the line to shoot two. He missed both, but on the second shot there was a lane violation by the other team and he got to shoot again AND he scored! Way to go!!

After AWANA Sunday evening and a delicious and entertaining dinner at the local Waffle House, we headed home for more entertainment by the Triple As. I had purchased several hats at Target that were on clearance for $1.04 and $2.48. When you have 3 heads to cover, and have heard, "MOMMY, where's my hat??" as you're running out the door, that seems like a great deal. The boys proceeded to try all of them on--simultaneously--six in all! Very funny if I do say so myself.

After hats, the kids brought out their guitars and gave a little mini concert~also incredibly entertaining.

Hey, I have an idea... Did you NOT hear what I just said?
Yeah! That's what I'm talking about!

Seriously?! I have to go to bed now? I DON'T WANT TO!
Wow, I was more tired than I thought. I didn't even make it all the way into my bed.

School was closed on Monday and thanks to a very generous boss, we headed to the Charlotte Bobcats basketball game. Afternoon games are great for taking the kids.

A1 thinks he'll try his hand at throwing up and catching popcorn.
Yesterday was the snow day and the day for taking down the Christmas tree. Maybe I should save that for a Not Me Monday type of post. Most certainly, I did not take down my Christmas tree on January 20th. Nope, not me.


Kristi said...

What a fun group of pictures! I especially like the one of A2 and A3 happily playing their guitars together. And A3 passed out on his bed are priceless!
By the way, you were only one week behind us on taking down the tree...

Anonymous said...

Take down your Christmas tree? Why? They add so much color to your decor.
What a fun weekend...basketball games; hats; mini concerts by your guitarists; Bobcats game. Understand why Andrew was so exhausted. Those pictures are priceless.
Tricia, you always manage to keep it all together. I'm so proud of you!
Love, Aunt Saundra