Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hodge Podge

Tonight while I was fixing dinner Adam unloaded the dishwasher. While putting things away he was bothered by the state of the cabinets so he decided to organize them. Andrew wanted to help.
Ouch! He's getting a little too big to be crawling inside the cabinets. He recently weighed himself and weighed 62.5 lbs. When did THAT happen?
Andrew said, "Mom, what is this thing?"
During this time, Abby was setting the table and playing Christmas music. Does that seem odd?
Andrew wants to know what happens if you poot in front of the fire. Will you blow up like a volcanoe he asks.
And then he says, "I'm Elvis." Um, no, that would be Michael. Adam had been wearing this one glove since he had tried to cut the fingers out of the other one. Kids at school were calling him Michael Jackson. He had no idea who that was and we had to Google it. His response, "That looks like a girl."
I was going to post these images for Wordless Wednesday, then I decided I had things to say. But I still wanted to Keep It Real for Kristi. These dishes are in the drainer because the dishwasher was full (this picture is not from tonight).
This picture is also not from tonight. Tonight's picture would go something like this--white clothes, towels and a pair of jeans or two (Andrew went through 3 pairs of jeans on Sunday alone) in a laundry basket in my bedroom waiting to be folded. There's a load of jeans and a couple of more towels on the sofa waiting to be folded. There's colored clothes in the dryer...dry, waiting to be removed and folded. There's another load of towels in the washer, clean and waiting to be transferred to the dryer. And yet, I sit, Keeping It Real and watching HGTV.

I had a picture of Abby to post with her Perfect Attendance certificate that she received today. However, I realized it had a bit too much information on it. So here's another image of her from our Snow Day. It cracks me up how she closes her eyes.


Kristi said...

I could write a book of comments about this collection! Adam and I are more alike than I realized ~ maybe the organizing gene was passed down from Grandma? Too bad he is too big for the cabinet, I was gonna mail you a "stick-n-click" light for the fort. And I can hear Andrew asking...
Christmas music is perfectly normal, Kylie still grabs her toddler Bible and no matter what story she opens to (even recognizable ones like Noah)she begins, "Once upon a time there was a man named Joseph and his wife Mary..."
I LOVE the next picture of Andrew and his accompanying question ~ and I'm amazed that he's already wondering such stuff at five. What's he gonna be cooking up at ten?
I'm pretty surprised that kids Adam's age knew about Michael Jackson and find it hilarious that Andrew associated the glove with Elvis.
And the dishes and the laundry ~ my sink looks the same and it is because I'm too lazy to unload the clean dishes out of the dishwasher. Don't even get me started on laundry! I should be taking care of those things, but it is much more fun to watch Food Network or work on my blog!
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

You don't know how much that makes me laugh, (about the tupper ware). His organizing skills could work against him later on, like with his 'wife'. Just ask DeeDee or Carolyn about getting help organizing!!!