Thursday, June 25, 2009

Traumatic & Ecstatic

Last night we went to a friend's neighborhood pool. It was a beautiful Carolina evening (read no humidity). Beautiful! The kids were having a great time on the slide, and I walked over to pick up my camera. I heard some commotion and it appeared that a woman was choking. We called to the lifeguard, and I ran over to see if I could assist. I hate to admit it, but even though I am CPR/First Aid certified, my mind was having a hard time recalling what to do. As it turned out, she was not choking and was breathing. We think she may have been having some type of seizure. While her husband and others tended to her and were on the phone with 911, I tried to keep her children calm and occupied and sent another child to a neighbor's so someone could look after them when their parent's went to the hospital. What a scary thing for them to witness. I'm praying that she is well today. I woke up several times during the night thinking of her and her family. I believe it was traumatic for all who were there.

On the flip side of that, Andrew started swimming last night and we were ECSTATIC! The little bugger just took off! He would come flying down the slide, go under, pop right back up and swim over to the edge of the pool to do it all over again. How exciting!

This is my favorite image from the night. I love it!



Anonymous said...

This picture is awesome!!


PS. Hope the lady is ok. You did a good thing by focusing on the kids and doing what you do best!

Tricia said...

Way to go, stepping in and occupying the kids. I am sure the parents are thankful.
And that's a fabulout picture.
God bless.

Sunshine Mama said...

That picture is spectacular!! Love it.

I had a seizure once. A grand mal. Good job of handling everything. She won't remember a thing (usally that's how it works) but everyone else will.

When mine happened God provided someone else to be there who had knew what to do, so it was perhaps less traumatic for my husband and the kids. They were still freaked. But I was very grateful to that lady.

Anonymous said...

That was a scary situation, hope she is okay.
Tell Andrew we are so proud of him. That is a relief now that all 3 can swim. We just had a 10 yr. old to drown at a pool party week before and it was supervised. So sad.

Love, Grandma

Anonymous said...

That could of been very traumatizing for all. The 'Good Samaritan' within you was ready, then the 'mother' in you acted. Overall, it was a higher power that was in charge! Hope all is well with everyone. Great snapshot!
R. Dreyfuss

Kristi said...

Oh that picture is amazing!

Sounds like it was a good thing you were there to help with the kids. Most times all the focus goes to the sick or injured party and kids get overlooked.

Anonymous said...

This picture makes me want to get a new camera. I love your pictures and your choices of subjects.


Anonymous said...

I was trying to think of something to say about this picture, but there are no words really to say but WOW!
What a great picture to have for the memory book. _ Mrs.Karen