Friday, March 27, 2009

A Circus Clown

Yesterday, I said I hadn't really taken any photographs worth posting this week. I had taken a couple of pictures of Andrew and his self-chosen outfit Friday morning, but they were out of focus and the light was bad, so I only emailed it to my mom and one of my cousins saying, "I have no words." This is what he looked like.

The Beginning

As I told my mom, while I had no words, Adam had plenty. He told Andrew that he was NOT going to school like that. When Andrew assured him that he was, Adam did not hesitate to tell him that he looked ridiculous. When Andrew seemed unphased, Adam looked at me with pleading eyes and said, "You're not going to let him go like that, are you?" I did. When we arrived at school, Andrew was asked if it was "tacky day" in his class. It was not.

The surprising part for me came when I picked Andrew up from school. This is what he looked like.

Final Look

He was so excited and said, "Mommy! I'm a circus clown!!" Thankfully this had nothing to do with his outfit and most of the kids in his class and some type of face paint.

Circus Clown

I'm Hilarious

I was taking his picture in the rearview mirror and he said, "I'm hilarious, itn't (sic) I?"

Partial Clean Up

While it was obvious that Adam was not happy with Andrew's look in the morning, he was even more dismayed in the afternoon. He kept trying to convince Andrew to wipe off the makeup. We had to drive to Statesville last night to meet their dad and we stopped at a Wendy's for dinner. Andrew did try to clean up but the red was not quite ready to come off. This is what he looked like while we ate dinner and while we did a bit of shopping at Wal-Mart. I think there was more than one head that turned to take another look.

I think he's hilarious.


Kristi said...

I'm rolling ~ that's AWESOME! Both how adorably cute he is in not caring what the world thinks, and the fact that Adam was so bothered by it.

Anonymous said...

Nice!!!! That is Awesome