Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Saint Patricks Day1

They say there's one in every crowd. Recently, in my crowd, that one has been Andrew. He said it was too cold to stand outside for the 15 seconds it would take for me to snap a picture. This is the same kid who insisted on wearing shorts on Sunday when it was cold and rainy. So, being the mature person I am, I decided to give him something to pout about.

Saint Patricks Day3

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Anonymous said...

Funny stuff.


sjshultz said...

You are a nut! Andrew will probably get a big kick out of the 2nd picture. He'll be little sunshine again. Happy St. Patrick's Day to all four of you Rollers.
Love, Aunt Saundra

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine any of my grandchildren acting like that! MY KIDS never did!
Love, Grandma

Kristi said...


Anonymous said...

That's awesome! If my Mom had that ability when she took pics of me as a kid... OMG!