Monday, March 16, 2009

A Plea for Help

So there were parts of last week that just weren't all that skippy. If you missed it, check here. Last night and this morning, weren't a lot better as far as how the Triple As were getting along. So, in my frustration, I told them they weren't allowed to speak to each other until tomorrow afternoon. They received this news around 6:45 this morning. I stuck to my guns until around 7:30 tonight when I heard Abby and Andrew talking about playing together. When I said, "You two aren't going to play and talk are you?" they stopped dead in their tracks, looked at me with those sweet little eyes and said, "Yes, please?" This is what I saw after I said yes.

Working Together
Concentration 2
Click & Drag

And when it was time for bed and I walked into Andrew's room, this is what I saw. Now last night, his closet door was able to close. I know this for a fact. Tonight, not a chance. Grandma, did you say that you were going to come down and help me clean/organize? I think we need it.

A Plea for Help

He did attempt to get at least two items off the floor.

Is this clean?

Adam has made his own plea for help in a letter written to me for a school assignment. I still have no idea what the assignment was about. When I showed this to Adam, he just giggled.


I guess I need to make a trip to Target.


Anonymous said...

Cute note ...
Great images of A2 & A3 ...
It seems as though A3 has a certain affection for his club. perhaps he should have a more substantial set of clubs ...
HOLY SMOKES !!! What kind of explosives was Andrew hiding in his closet.

There's never a dull moment ... is there?


Saundra said...

Love the "made-up" pictures of Abby and Andrew. How could those little angels be in such trouble?
Andrew's closet looks like several of mine a few months ago. How in the world did he have it organized before? Have to love his attempt to put up a few items. Adam's note is cute....when did he write that one? I pray for you all of the time. Know that keeping up with three active, intelligent children is exhausting. Be sure to find time for yourself.
Love you, Saundra

Kristi said...

I've been using mom's old, "stand with your noses touching" on my two when they fight recently. Amazing how you just can't stay mad at someone when you can't focus on them because they are too close. I like your approach though, and it seemed to get desired results with the little ones. Great series of pictures of them.
Andrew's closet made me laugh out loud ~ well, that with the combo of the lotion and golf club being "put away."
But the funniest of all is Adam writing in a school assignment that he needs underpants...

Anonymous said...

I still think Andrew has been going to garage sales when you aren't looking, I know there wasn't that much stuff in his room last time we were there. Tell him we will work on that next trip.
Where was Adam when Abby and Andrew were playing?
Love, Grandma

Anonymous said...

I think Andrew needs a few toys. His closet looks lonely. What d
oes he need? Ha