Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Win and A Loss

This Saturday was the last games of the regular season. Abby and Andrew's age group doesn't play in a tournament so their season is officially over. It was so much fun watching these kids play this year. Abby became a great defensive player this year, and I think she hussled more than any other player on the team. She was almost always the first kid down the court.

Looking Back

Looking On

She also always had her hands up. I really like this image of her--even though she's in the background I feel like when you look at it your drawn straight to her.

Shootin 4 2

Andrew took the game very seriously. He was very intense and very competitive.

Behind the Back

I could NOT believe it when I saw him do this. He was taking the ball down the court, dribbled behind his back as he reached half court and kept going. You should have heard some of the people in the gym.

Getting Instructions

You can tell by the look on his face how seriously he takes the game. Here he was getting instruction from the coach.

Waiting for the Rebound

Adam's age group does have a tournament and his first game is Monday night at 7:15--oh, that's late for a school night. His team lost on Saturday and they play the same team Monday night. Notice Andrew in the bottom right-hand corner. He was shouting instructions to Adam.


Here's he waiting for the inbound pass.

Mom, about that measurement...I got the tape measure out this morning...check back later for a special post just for you.


Anonymous said...

It sure looks like they had a good time playing ball. Wish we could see more of it. It is nice to be able to keep up with it and see the pictures on here! Love, Grandma

Kristi said...

Go Abby! She looks pretty intimidating in that second shot of her!
And Andrew, intense? That's so out of character for him... (haha). I would have loved to have seen him dribble behind his back like that ~ where does he learn that stuff?
Good to see you yesterday!

Anonymous said...

Go teams, go! They kids have improved so much this year. They are becoming more skillful, are learning how to be a team member, learning about commitment, etc. I'm proud of all three.
Love, Aunt Saundra