Monday, March 30, 2009

Lord You're True and Holy, I Give You All The Glory

I'm figuring out how to take video with Adam's camera. Here's Abby singing a Sonia Reed song. [she's coloring; that's why she's looking down].


Anonymous said...

That is neat! I enjoy this a lot, seems like we're alot more in touch. Abby knows the words to so many songs, it's amazing.

Love, Grandma

Kristi said...

Doesn't it do your heart good when they belt out the words to praise songs? Love your singing Abby dear!

Roxie said...

Look out, American Idols! Although, these are much better tunes to have running through ones head. Good job figuring out the video option, Tricia! And good job singing, Abby! :-)

Anonymous said...

That makes my heart smile.

Saundra said...

How precious to hear her singing a Praise song. What a blessing that they know Jesus at their young ages. You are a wonderful mother, Tricia.
Love you, Aunt Saundra