Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Oh My Goodness! What is this Stuff?

So after all of the rain we had on Saturday and Sunday, it began to snow. It took us a bit longer than usual to get home from Aunt Saundra's house Sunday evening and the kids were convinced we were never going to make it home. Alas, we did make it and the kids stayed out to play. [I realize this is long, but I'm better with pictures than words.]



Abby didn't stay out long until she decided it would be better to do this:


eat popcorn and watch cartoons. Notice the bruise on her forehead. She was accidentally kicked in the head on the playground at school.

The boys stayed out a bit longer sweeping and shoveling the driveway and generally enjoying the snow. We headed inside and watched the snow continue to fall.


In the morning we arose to this:


and this:


and headed out for some more fun.




Of course there had to be some of this:


Shortly after this, Andrew headed inside. He wasn't afraid to dish it out, but wasn't so good at taking it. (Notice the snow in his ear.)

And then there was this encounter (captured by Tory):





And shortly after this, Abby headed back inside.


He needs to learn not to throw snow at the hands that pull him.


Anonymous said...

Sure looks like fun. They always have to throw a snowball or two! You are going to have as much or more snow than we have had. Love Grandma.

Anonymous said...

So Much FUNNNNNNNNN !!!!!!!!!
Great images.


Jordan Carl said...

I like your pictures. I can't believe it snowed down there, it is about 45 up here. Looks like fun!

Kristi said...

I hate to let jealousy rear its ugly head, but your camera skills are leaving me in the dust...
I'm glad you guys had fun in your snow day too, it's too bad we had to come home so Ian could work.
Love the series of Abby and Adam and the outcome made me laugh!

Anonymous said...

That snow surely came up quickly. I hated to see all of you leave my house. Was so blessed that Traci and Adam came back to be "snowed-in" with me. What fun!
Love, Aunt Saundra