Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Girl

Last night as we were eating dinner the light was so nice outside. I couldn't wait to get out and take pictures. Actually, I wanted to skip dinner altogether and when Adam suggested on the way home that we have milkshakes for dinner, you have no idea how tempted I was to say yes. Instead we had frozen lazagna and texas toast and I tried to encourage the kids to eat as fast possible. I think it was around 7:30 by the time we finally got back outside and a lot of the light was already gone. I did get these of Abby, and I think they're really her.






This shot is my favorite, but I can't decide which version I like the best. Abby wants to get something printed, so maybe I'll let her decide.

I have to include these two as well, just because I think they're fun and it shows that Spring really is right around the corner.

Purple Pansy



Anonymous said...

Abigail is such a beautiful young lady. She is starting to look so grown.
I really dig the emage of the birds. Great composition, contrast, and tone. I really love it.


P.s. The flower image was pretty as well.

Anonymous said...

Typo - image


Anonymous said...

Is the flower an iris, is it cut or in your yard? I seem to remember that you had some.
Abby is very photogentic when she wants to be. I like the middle oneof her.

Love, Grandma

Kristi said...

Yes, they are really her! The innocent smile, the "what are you looking at?", the "I'm sorta serious here", and the sweet smile. I think I like the middle one with the softer color best.

Rebecca said...

Hi Tricia!! What a beautiful blog you have - I love your photography!!!

Regarding your question, I had changed an item in my custom functions and when I changed it back, I set it to the wrong one. It was the shutter/AE lock button function. I had it set to AE lock/AF, and it should have been set to AE/AF, no AE lock. I think the default setting is AF/AE lock. This was on a Canon Rebel XSi. I use spot metering; I think this function has something to do with the way the lens focuses with spot metering. :)


Saundra said...

Beautiful Abby. I love her big dimples. She is becoming more carefree and happy. Has the impish little grin.
Tricia, your flower picture needs to be framed!
Love, Aunt Saundra