Wednesday, April 8, 2009

5 = Kindergarten

Last night I did something for the last time.


I drove to the local elementary school.


Filled out some papers.


And signed my baby up for kindergarten.

Except he's not my baby any more. Now he looks like this.

Just Andrew

And when he's pretending to be angry, he looks like this.

Mad Look

And when he's serious, he looks like this.

Serious Look

And when I ask him to give me his "I Love Mommy" look, he looks like this.

I Love Mommy Look

While he's not "all grown up," I suppose he is ready for kindergarten.


Anonymous said...

wow that is hard to believe! Kindergarten!!! Those are great pictures of him!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how they change in just a short time? He is so cute, even wwith his mean look.

Love, Grandma

Saundra said...

Kindergarten get ready, Andrew is coming! What an energetic, expressive, determined little guy. Just gotta love him.
Aunt Saundra

Kristi said...

His elementary school will never be the same...
Andrew, I love you so very much! It's astounding that it is time for kindergarten already!
BTW, after spending a few days with your parents even they believe that I have the Asian version of Andrew living in my house...