Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Farm

Saturday afternoon we headed to Aunt Saundra's to do some yard work. We picked up sticks, cleaned up a small portion of the shop, cleaned the cracks out of the driveway, blew of the driveway (several times) and learned that you can, in fact, jump a riding lawnmower with a van. Sunday after church we went back to Aunt Saundra's for lunch and more time outside.

There was a fence post to be mended--notice Rusty in the background making sure things were done just right. Adam did get "slimed" by Tic Tac once on the back of the neck--pretty funny!

Fence Repairs

Tic Tac is in the background of this picture--left side. Look at how white he is getting.

Fence Repairs

Andrew was getting some love from Traci.

Little Lovin

Maya (Kristi & Ian's dog) is staying on the farm this week while they are out of town. She loves having the ball thrown for her and all of the kids were happy to oblige. Here's Abby trying to get the ball back.

Give Me Your Ball Maya

Traci & Adam's dog, Chaucer, loves things that do not belong to him. Aunt Saundra had to chase Chaucer down several times. Here she is trying to retrieve Abby's flip flop. (Adam took this picture)

Chaucer and the Flip Flop

The apple tree was also in blossom and buzzing with activity.

Bee & Apple Blossoms

Apple Blossoms

I think these are starflowers. Anybody know for sure? They are so pretty and so dainty.


The kids also jumped rope, played some basketball and ran around like crazy. All in all it was a wonderful weekend.


Saundra said...

The four of you coming to help me on Saturday was such a blessing. In the Spring when so much has to be done to get the yard, garden, etc. started - it can be totally overwhelming for me. Having you here with me, made it fun to get things going. Perfect weather and wonderful family made for a great weekend.
Love you, Aunt Saundra

Anonymous said...

Spending a day on the farm is sooo nice isn't it! The weather was perfect... all just seemed right in the world!

Anonymous said...

oh yeah... sorry about Chaucer and his thievery! :)

Kristi said...

I'm looking forward to Easter Sunday on the farm! Thank you Abby for throwing the ball for Maya, we miss her bunches! Adam looks so determined in the picture of him fixing the fence post and Andrew is adorable while snuggling up to Traci. I also LOVE how you captured Chaucer and his personality!