Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's Official


On the way to school one day this week, the Triple As were discussing birthdays, the year of their birth and things of that nature. When I stated that I was born in 1967, their was a collective gasp from those who sit behind me. I said, "I know, I'm old." To which Adam replied, "Yes, you are old, but you don't look it. You really don't have any wrinkles." Awww, how sweet is that boy.

Speaking of that sweet boy. You may remember that when he first received his camera for his birthday in February he was taking pictures that looked like this.

Adam collage
Makes you want to run right out and buy some pork chops for dinner, doesn't it?

A few nights ago we uploaded more images that he'd taken, and I was quite surprised to see this.
Adam #2
What an improvement!

There was also this.

Adam #3
He's hiding behind a door and taking a picture of him taking a picture.
Now, remember, if you see me out and about, be kind to me. It's Official. I.Am.Old.


Kristi said...

Cute that he noticed the "no wrinkles." For the record, I DON'T think you are old!
I'm pretty impressed with Adam's snow picture!

Anonymous said...

In a few years they will change their minds about what is "old". I thought my brother was "OLD" when he graduated high school, I was in fifth grade! So- what does that make me?

Love, Grandma