Sunday, April 5, 2009


The weather this weekend was glorious. Sunshine, blue skies and warm temperatures. We spent the entire weekend outside. Friday night began with a 'friendly' game of basketball between the boys.

Friendly Game

Andrew is starting to hold his own against Adam and for the most part is not intimidated by those bigger than himself. By the look on his face, I believe he was quite pleased after he scored.


This boy has always loved balls. I think he feels the most comfortable when he's throwing, kicking or dribbiling.


Adam loves basketball too, and I love the look on his face as he follows the ball with eyes to the basket. I also like his hair. He was sweaty from playing at school and one of the teachers "fixed" his hair for him.


And this, this is a special look, just for his Mom.

Adam +The Look

It's late and I'm off to bed. A post on the rest of the weekend will come in the next day or so.


Saundra said...

Adam, love the hair style! The basketball looks quite competitive - not so friendly! haha
Aunt Saundra

Kristi said...

Nothing like a good game of basketball between brothers! Andrew's expression is priceless, but I love Adam's special look!