Thursday, April 23, 2009

More Swinging

I really had fun taking pictures of the kids swinging earlier this week. Here are some more pictures. It's so nice to see the blue sky--that is SOC--no editing. It's interesting how the sky shows up differently in the two pictures of the boys though.




And sometimes it's just no fun being a sister sandwiched between two brothers.

Sometimes having an older AND a younger brother is no fun

Does anyone else take these kinds of pictures of their kids?


Kristi said...

Poor sweet Abby...
Fun pictures by the way!

Rebecca said...

These are terrific!! That sky is incredible!

The last one cracks me up... I am mean like that too. :)

Jordan Carl said...

haha oh my.. that seems very cruel to take a picture of a child whom has been humiliated. Poor thing.

Anonymous said...
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Saundra said...

Flying high! Can feel the air blowing through my hair.

Abby, sorry that your feelings got hurt. Your brothers really do love you - they just get "carried away" sometimes.

Love you, Aunt Saundra

Cassie said...

Love it!