Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dust Bunnies

Last night was good at our house. Good food (the weather was nice enough to grill a pork tenderloin) ~ good laughter. It's almost like someone has flipped a switch. Everyone was relaxed last night ~ peace reigned. Maybe Aunt Saundra flipped the switch while she was with the kids while I registered Andrew for kindergarten. Whatever happened, I'm praising God for it! The four of us even played a game of sorry and not one fight broke out. Yippee!

During dinner, Abby said she thought she saw something move out of the corner of her eye. I told her it was probably just dirt. I got the quizzical look. I said, "You know, dust bunnies or something." Amazingly enough, not one of my children knew what a dust bunny is. I tried to describe them but was getting no where. At one point, Abby says, "Oh, I get it. It's an Easter trick." No, sadly it is not. So we Googled dust bunnies. Now all of my children know what a dust bunny is.

Dust Bunnies

Do you have any Easter tricks at your house?


Anonymous said...

I don't have any Easter Tricks, but Iv'e removed a lot of dust bunnies over the years!

Love, Grandma

Anonymous said...


If your three want to experience dust bunnies, they need to come to my house. Now that we have this little dog (hairy dog) my dust bunnies look more like tumbleweeds!

Aunt Deanna

Kristi said...

My house could show some dust bunnies as well. I know from experience that a "prayer meeting" with Mama can bring about change in behavior. Here's praying that peace continues to prevail in your house!
Can't wait to see you guys!